Many families here in Western New York are still having a hard time making ends meet after losing jobs due to the pandemic.  Here's a way you can help.

They're calling it the "Spread The Love Campaign" and it's a way that you can help to get nutritious food into the cupboards of families here in Western New York.  According to WIVB, The Lockport Community Farmer’s Market will be holding a peanut butter and jelly drive to help stock the shelves with things that families can use.

As you can imagine, with many families out of work since the pandemic began, food pantries have been decimated.  So they're doing what they can to fill them back up.

Peanut Butter is one of the most sought out items for food pantries because it can be used in so many ways.  If a family needs a sweet treat for a dessert or a snack for a little one, peanut butter is a great option.  And of course, it can be used for sandwiches for a protein-packed lunch.

“Local food pantries have been hit hard by the pandemic so it just makes sense that just a little thing like peanut butter and jelly can change a person’s life.” - Grace Platt, Marketing Manager, Lockport Community Farmer's Market 

They're looking for peanut butter, jams, jellies, and even fluff.

Of course, they have to insist that the items are not already expired.

They will have another date to accept these items on February 20th at the Lockport Community Farmer's Market when the market is open.

Each donation of peanut butter or fluff will earn you a chance to win their market basket! The market basket contains 15 donated market goodies from different vendors!

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