There is always a connection to Buffalo and Western New York. The latest season of The Voice on NBC has actually given us a couple of connections and we are just getting started.

After the premiere episode on Monday, we learned that Katie Daye from the Clay and Company show actually went to school with one of the bands that performed on Monday and was the first performers to have a four chair turn.

There is also a singer from Rochester who is currently on the season of The Voice.


But on Tuesday night, it was time for the light to shine on a singer from the Lockport area. Joshua Vacanti was absolutely stunning during his performance of into the unknown from frozen two during the blind auditions of The Voice.

Just watching the expression on the faces of the judges was enough for me to know that Joshua has an incredible future in front of him not only on this show, but as a career in singing and performing.

I have to admit, I don’t watch a lot of reality TV anymore because our kids pretty much take up all the time that we have and when we do get a chance to watch TV it’s normally some sort of Disney show or kids show on Netflix.

But this one popped up on my feed this morning and I could not help but listen to Joshua singing a few times. Yes, I am partial because I grew up and have been living in Western New York my entire life, and always like to support the hometown kid. But truthfully his voice is incredible and Joshua seems to have enough stage presence and confidence to go on and win the entire thing.

Best of luck to all those who are competing this season on the voice and especially those who have some sort of connection to the Buffalo or Rochester area!

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