It’s the season of giving, but it’s also in our nature to return. 

There’s a reason why they call Buffalo the “City of Good Neighbors” – we have a moral compass that always guides us to do the right thing. And while it would have been very easy for this person to pocket their findings and claim “Finders Keepers,” the inner conscience of a true Buffalonian would never be able to justify doing something so greedy. 

So it makes sense why a good-hearted person from the 716 would turn in this large sum of money to the local police department. 

The Town of Orchard Park Police Department detailed the encounter in a Facebook post:

“Two days ago a Good Samaritan turned in a large sum of money to us. We’d love to give this holiday shopping money back [to] its owner. If it belongs to you please contact us at (716) 662-6444.  We’ll have you answer a few questions (where / when it was lost, how much money, type of currency, etc.). When confirmed we will make sure the owner gets it back!”

The Town of Orchard Park did not share the monetary value in hopes to prevent someone stepping forward to claim the cash to whom it does not belong.

As of now, it does not appear that someone has claimed the cash; however, I am sure they could use it right now, with it being the holidays and all. 

Do you know of anyone who lost a “large sum of money?” Send them this article and let’s reunite the cash with its rightful owner.

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