Gas prices continue to drop across Western New York and now you can get a gallon of gas for less than $4 at certain locations.

We checked the website to find the gas stations with the cheapest gas prices in Western New York. Here is what we found from lowest to highest.

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All these stations are offering gas at under $4 per gallon for regular unleaded fuel.

1. Two Eagles - 852 Bloomingdale Rd Basom, NY  - $3.75

2. Bigfoot Gas & Smokes - 11263 Indian Hill Rd Perrysburg NY - $3.79

3. Totem Pole Smoke & Gas - 1031 Ledge Rd Basom, NY - $3.80

4. TP Deli & Fuel Outlet - 837 Bloomingdale Rd  Basom, NY -$3.80

5. Signals - 11024 Southwestern Blvd Irving NY - $3.81

6. Big Indian Smoke Shop -597 Milestrip Rd Irving, NY - $3.81

7. Native Pride - 11359 US-20 Irving, NY - $3.81

8. Wolf's Run - 12795 Four Mile Level Rd Irving, NY - $3.81

9. Heron's Landing - 11186 Southwestern Blvd Irving, NY - $3.83

10. Seneca Hawk - 10862 Erie Rd Irving, NY - $3.83

It is hard to believe but yes you can find gas for less than $4 per gallon here in Western New York.

You will notice that all of these gas stations are located on Native American reservations. The gas stations can offer a lower price because Native American reservations are exempt from most state and federal taxes that gas stations that are not located on a reservation are required to pay.

Even with the "Gas Tax" holiday that we currently have in New York State, the gas stations on the Native American reservations can offer a lower price.

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