A Florida woman was sued for $250,000 after selling 18 Luke Combs tumblers, violating his trademark protection. However, that is not the only product she created. 

I believe everyone deserves a second chance, and I think it’s really sweet that Luke Combs decided to give Nicol Harness one. 

A news station in Florida talked with Harness after she learned that she owes Combs $250,000. Harness only made $380 from the tumblers that she sold with Luke Combs' face on them, and although the notice of the lawsuit was sent back in October, Harness never saw it because it was sent to her email. 

The email came from an unfamiliar address, so it automatically categorized itself as a “junk” email, hiding itself in the “junk” folder. Since she was sued by Combs team in Illinois federal court, they have different laws that consider the email as a sufficient way of being served papers. 

Combs felt really bad about the lawsuit, and he posted a video in response to the news. Combs alleges that he did not know she was wrapped into the lawsuit and he believed that his legal team only went after large corporations that were making millions of dollars with his trademark. 

You can hear Luke Combs’ response below. 


“It makes me sick. This is not something that I would ever do,” Combs said. 

Since the video, Combs put up a tumbler for sale that looks like Harness’ design, and all of the proceeds will be given to the Harness family. 

It’s really a great act of grace by Luke Combs, but others may not have been so kind

If you go to Harness’ page Nicolioli's on Facebook marketplace, you will see several other items that are infringing on copyright laws, including Disney, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, movies, and more.  

One that stuck out to me was a T-shirt design Nicol Harness was selling that involved Josh Allen. 

You can see that design below.

While it is a unique design, it's not necessarily legal...and I'm sure Josh is a forgiving person, but do you really think all of these companies and brands are?

The attention is on this online shop now, and it would be smart for Nicol to pull down those trademarked items, before someone else less gracious sees them.

Take the second chance and learn the lesson. 

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