New York State has issued an alert and warning for those who may choose to eat the fish they catch this summer. Is it safe to eat fish we catch in New York State?

The summer is almost here, officially. From Buffalo, to Albany, there are thousands of amazing places to fish. In fact, there are some who come to fish on the Great Lakes from all over the world!

But the issue is what is waiting in the water that we fish in and swim in.

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New York State Department of Health has issued an advisory and a bit of a tutorial on "X" (formerly known as Twitter) that shows the dangers of eating certain fish.

We love to fish with our kids! It is a great way for the family to spend time together and a great way to get the kids fresh air and learn about the importance of conservation. However, it comes with a few challenges.

Last summer, our 7 and 4 year old were fishing too close together and the younger brother caught a fish hook in the mouth!!! It was terrifying. Everyone is OK and thankfully, there was not a major injury. It was an unplanned lesson that we won't soon forget!

Large Steelhead Fish Caught In Western New York

Gallery Credit: Clay Moden

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