There's a few of us here at Townsquare Media Buffalo who enjoy bowhunting. One of the most enjoyable aspects of bowhunting is the fact that the woods are quiet and deer are in their most natural element. When the woods are quiet, you are able to enjoy observing many different species of wildlife. Bow season is one of the best times to be in the woods because these animals are undisturbed which enables you to see them like you never have before. It's the quietness of the woods that makes this such a special time.

However, many of the bowhunters I have spoken with are pretty upset with the Department of Environmental Conservation's decision to allow a Youth Hunt for deer on Oct. 6, 7, and 8, 2012.  This means junior hunters ages 14 and 15 will be able to use a firearm to harvest a deer during this special 3 day period. I can kind of see what the D.E.C. is trying to do. They want younger people to take up deer hunting which is all well and good. The big problem for us bowhunters is that this Youth Hunt takes place during our regular bowseason. This is going to screw things up for many bowhunters. Once these gunshots go off in the woods, you can pretty much forget about trying to have a successful bowhunt if you are in the same area. The deer aren't stupid. When they hear the guns go off they will not only scatter, but it will take another week or two before they get back into their regular habits. So much for trying to have a successful bowhunt.

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