This is certainly not something you hear about or see everyday in Western New York. There are reports as of early Thursday that a wallaby is on the loose in Chautuaqua County.

The public is asked to stay alert and contact local police or the sheriff if you spot the animal that wandered away from an animal sanctuary.

Erie News Now reports that:

Charlie Sorce has a love of exotic animals. He legally owns a camel, zebra, emus, and now, one escaped wallaby.
Here's how the marsupial got out, and how Sorce plans to get it back.

There are also reports that the animal has been seen on local trail cameras. If you have any, you are asked to share them. But be careful if you encounter the wallaby.

The search this weekend may be a little wet as there is a change coming to the forecast. We will be seeing rain move in and cooler air as temps will be back in the 50s! This will feel more like October.

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