We have all seen the news and watched the events of the COVID-19 pandemic unfold on social media. But perhaps the idea of wearing a mask following the guidelines are not getting through? Perhaps it is time for some peer pressure.

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The SUNY schools are asking students to follow the rules and encourage other students to do so as well. The new campaign this fall is called "Mask Up or Pack Up" and according to the SUNY website,

College is an exciting time for students, and all want to have fun. But we have to be responsible. This is your chance to make the world know.

Students can submit a video asking others to do the same.

Wearing a mask is not fun and if you have glasses, it can make it even worse. Not to mention the sweaty face feeling that you get if you work out in a mask at the gym. But if this is the way we can get back to doing some of the things that we used to enjoy pre-COVID-19, so be it.

Still , the most frustrating part of this entire thing is that there is no clear finish line or end. It would be so much easier to deal with the daily changes in guidelines and policies if we knew there was some sort of resolution coming. A virus vaccine seems to be too far off and too uncertain at this point.

Until then, we can all do our part to help move this thing along. Submit your video to the SUNY schools with the button below.

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