The year is ending and there are some who are going to have a little extra to spend this year on Holiday gifts in New York State as check will be sent out to employees who racked up overtime in the COVID pandemic.

As inflation is still a major concern, there are many who are trying to get a raise for 2024. If you have not asked your boss yet, it may be a good time to consider asking for that bump in your paycheck. For some, the new year will bring an increase in pay as the minimum wage is going up and each year after.

But for those who put in the overtime work and are employed by New York State, it is time to check the mailbox or your bank account. Thousands of state employees will be getting money for working overtime during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The payments are going to be distributed to PEF, CSEA, and also other union members.

Announcement! PEF, and CSEA have announced an agreement to award nearly $3 million in backpay to more than 2,100 New York State employees who worked overtime during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic.

If you need a job, there are some positions available to start 2024 in New York State.

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