It is about to happen again! If you missed it the first time, Manahattanhenge is happening for the last time this year at 8:20 tonight and 8:21 tomorrow night. You can see this dazzling display on 14th, 23rd, 34th, 42nd and 57th Streets.

The summer of 2023 is here! Well, technically it is not here until the middle of June. However, Memorial Day has come and gone and millions are celebrating the unofficial start to summer.

The weather lately has been some of the driest we have seen in years. It seems strange considering that the weather in April was so wet. As a matter of fact, portions of New York State saw one of the wettest Aprils ever.

Fast forward to May 29th in New York City and millions turned out to witness one of the most incredible solar events that only occurs at two times during the year and only IF the weather/clouds make it possible.

When the sky is clear, the sun sets at just the right spot that it shines through the buildings and busy streets in Manhattan. The sun looked like a giant orange lighting up the sky and was as if those in attendance were witnessing a painter work in real time.

As we end the month of May, there are reports that the warm and dry weather will continue across The Empire State. Camping or planning to burn some brush? Be safe and consider the fact that it is so dry!

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