The major toy company Mattel got a surprising letter from one Western New York woman who admitted to stealing...

It happens from time to time--you hear of a kid stealing something and mom or dad would march them right back into the store and demand they give it back and apologize. Well, this woman stole all the way back when she was 7-years-old and she felt so guilty, now at 50, that she needed to pay them and apologize.

Susan Ashline from Rochester stole a “The Sunshine Family" doll set, which was very popular back then. She tucked it away so she didn't have to feel guilty every time she looked at it, but recently decided she needed to write a letter, fess up and even paid the 50 cents that the doll cost at the time.

When I saw the return address on this letter, I actually felt very nervous, I don't know why. What are they going to do, come and arrest me? I just felt a lot of trepidation, and then I opened up the letter, and I did laugh,” Ashline said, according to WGRZ.

The letter read in part: "...keep it as a keepsake and enjoy it with a guilt-free conscience. In the future, if you happen to see a toy you love, we kindly ask that you purchase it through legal means."

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