Some of the newest names and some of the biggest names are coming together to raise money for a great cause here in Buffalo.

Keon Coleman was the Buffalo Bills' first pick in this year's NFL Draft.  Since he was picked, he's proven that he is easily one of the biggest personalities on the team.  He has been cracking people up with almost every single press conference he does.

Meet The Buffalo Bills at an upcoming event

You're going to have a chance to meet him and four other Buffalo Bills during an event to help raise money for the PUNT Foundation in just a couple of days.  They're calling it "MafiaCon."  It's simply an autograph signing event where you have the chance to get things signed by 5 of the Buffalo Bills.

Who is included in the event?

Included in the signings are Keon Coleman, linebacker Terrell Bernard, linebacker Dorian Williams, defensive lineman Dewayne Carter, and safety Cole Bishop.  While Coleman, Carter, and Bishop were all chosen in this year's draft, Williams is working on his sophomore year and Terrel Bernard proved to be a standout at linebacker last year.

It does cost money to get each of them to sign things and it's a little bit extra to have them do it in person, but again, it's for a charity and a great cause. MafiaCon is coming up July 20th from 10 am-6 pm (individual signing times may vary). Click here to get tickets.

What is the PUNT Foundation?

The PUNT Foundation is now called the PUNT Pediatric Cancer Collaborative.  It's a charity foundation that former Buffalo Bills punter Brian Moorman originally organized.  It was set up to help children who are suffering from pediatric cancer and their families.  As mentioned on their website, the PUNT Pediatric Cancer Collaborative has certainly become "a well-respected and heavily relied upon source of assistance for local families dealing with the effects of pediatric cancer."  Although Moorman is no longer with the Bills, he is still involved in the charity as well as multiple other current Bills players who believe in it.

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