If you're in need of a daily distraction, I've got one for you right here.  Jamestown Police Department has a comfort dog now.

There's a new dog at the Jamestown Police Department but this one won't be searching for drugs.  It won't be sniffing for bombs.  It's not even there to chase down bad guys and hold them at bay until another officer can put the cuffs on them.  No, this dog doesn't do any of that.

This dog is there to make people feel better.  There isn't much that can be more comforting than a dog that knows when it's time to console you.  It's incredible how they know that you need it and it really can be a relief to know that they're there with you.

Now, the Jamestown Police Department has a new pup to do just that.  Her name is Hope and she's an official comfort dog.  She's already beginning to break the internet with how cute she is.

Just look at that face.

Unfortunately though, Hope isn't just there to make the officers feel better at the end of a rough day.  According to WIVB, Hope is there to provide comfort for victims of traumatic events by providing support and snuggles.

Is there anything that dogs don't do for people.  To say they are man's best friend can in many instances be a huge understatement.  In many cases they are everything to us.  They're comforters, they're protectors, they're friends.

There's no question that this dog has been perfectly named.


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