The Buffalo Bills (10-3) host the Miami Dolphins (8-5) this Saturday night, form what is sure to be one of the most memorable NFL games in recent memory.

That's because the forecast in Orchard Park is calling for lake effect snow and windy conditions. A lake effect snow warning will be in effect for Erie County on Friday night and lasting until Monday.

The snow will be manageable on Friday night and even to the first part of Saturday, but the weather will deteriorate by Saturday evening and that's when the worst of it should start; just as kickoff happens.

Anywhere from 10-22 inches of snow is possible, depending on where you live in Western New York.

The Dolphins have been hyping up the weather as something that doesn't bother them.

Head coach Mike McDaniel said he will do "zero monitoring" of the Buffalo forecast on Tuesday, while he then proceeded to wear a shirt at practice that said "I wish it were colder."

Quarterback Tua Tagovailoa said "it snows in Alabama, guys" when asked about the weather in Orchard Park on Saturday and that it's all about the mindset.

We have seen snow games before but very few NFL games have been lake effect snowstorms. The only real one in recent memory was the Colts-Bills 2017 game, which caused both teams to essentially abandon the passing game. The 2013 game between the Lions and Eagles is another good example, but that game wasn't a lake effect snow event.

Many Dolphins fans are upset about the forecast and a producer for the Dan Le Batard, Chris Wittyngham, said on Thursday's show that Buffalo probably shouldn't have a football team, because of the weather.

"First off Buffalo, as a weather city, probably shouldn't have a football team."

He also said that the NFL should mandate a dome for the stadium in Buffalo and mentioned how they had to move the game in November, because of six feet of snow in the Buffalo area.

This take was meant to rile up some people, but fun fact, the Miami Dolphins have had more games moved out of their stadium due to the weather, than Buffalo has.

Hard Rock Stadium in Miami is literally designed to have a home field advantage, in which the opposing team is in zero shade in the intense Miami heat, while the Dolphins are shaded.

Heat exhaustion and heat stroke are serious issues for football players.

Kudos to the rest of the show saying Miami had a home field advantage of 120-degree heat indexes, but he said "that's our homefield advantage."

The Bills had to deal with unbearable heat in Miami and players left due to cramping and heat exhaustion. What happens on Saturday night is just about the most ironic form of karma one can possibly think of...

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