You can see moose in New York State in the wild and it is an unbelievable sight to see. In fact, now is about the time of the year that you will be able to see moose in New York State. Here are the best spots to see moose in New York State:

How many moose are in New York State?

The NYS Department of Environmental Conservation estimates that approximately 400 moose live in the Adirondacks. There are a few tips that you should know if you are going to go looking for some moose.


Where are moose located in New York State? 

You can find moose mostly in the northeastern part of New York State and specifically in the Adirondacks. Here are some of the best spots to go moose looking in New York:

  • Vermontville (Route 3)
  • Meacham Lake (Route 30)
  • Saranac Lake
  • The Limekiln Lake-Cedar River Road
  • Lake Lila

Where should you go look once you get to these areas?


  • Most moose are active when the sun starts going down.
  • They are most active in the fall during their mating season, or "rut."
  • Moose LOVE water. It's actually essential that moose not only go get water like any animal, but there is a certain sodium that they need for their diet that can get from water.

Is it legal to hunt moose in New York State?

Absolutely not. You cannot hunt moose legally in New York State.


How cool are some of these pictures of moose in New York State! Have you ever spotted one in New York?

Moose on Loose Strolls New York Beach

A moose was captured wandering Port Henry beach before heading back home to the forest where she belonged. An employee preparing to open the gates captured the majestic animal early one morning.

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