Most of us woke to gray skies, rain, and the rumble of thunder this morning, that didn't do much to quell the heat and humidity...but you can look forward to a pleasant change for the weekend.

My smartphone was buzzing a beeping with a variety of Warnings for a good portion of the morning.

The National Weather Service has issued a HEAT ADVISORY in effect until 8 pm today for Northern Erie and Genesee counties.  Also Marine and Severe Thunderstorm Warnings were in effect this morning, with meteorologists keeping a check on what could be a very active weather day.

As we prepare for the Erie County Fair that by the way runs today (August 11th) through August 22nd an isolated strong-severe thunderstorm can’t be ruled out anytime today with strong wind gusts, hail, and in between, but you can also expect some limited sunshine.

There will be some mainly afternoon thunderstorms Thursday and Friday but there will be a noticeable drop in temperatures and humidity for what we could call a "FAIR"  weekend.

NEWS 4 Meteorologists predict:

A Humid Wednesday, with Scattered Showers, Thunderstorms, Downpours, some Strong-Severe, highs again near 90, and sticky 70's for the overnight.

Scattered Showers and Thunderstorms for Thursday with Partial Sun, High: 85

Friday looks like Partly Cloudy weather with More Thunderstorms by late afternoon, High: 80

A Few AM Rain Showers for Saturday morning, with some Sun Breaking Out, Turning Cooler, with a noticeable drop in humidity, High: 78

A Sunny, and Pleasant Sunday, High: 78


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