Would you allow one of your fiends to pierce your ear while on the road in a tour bus? At least one country star had it happen and he spoke with us about it on Clay and Company this week.

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Singer and songwriter, Hardy, (pictured above) was one the road with Morgan Wallen just outside of Buffalo in New York State when they decided to open up their own ear piercing salon! The tool for the piercing? A god old guitar string!

Morgan Wallen is one of the many artists who are itching to get back on he road as soon as possible. For a guy like Morgan, much of the inspiration that he gets for his songs are from being out in public and interacting with the fans. The Zoom meeting style of writing that many of the artists in the Nashville area have been doing is not his cup of tea.

Morgan has been flying up the charts with his latest hit "Chasin' You." He is also scheduled to be in the Buffalo area once again this summer. Luke Bryan is bringing his tour to Darin Lake in August ans Morgan is one of the acts on the lineup. WYRK will keep you posted on the status of the show. many shows that were previously scheduled for the late spring and early summer have either been postponed or canceled due the COVID-19 pandemic. Follow us on Twitter or Facebook or download the app using the link above for more information.

Morgan Wallen

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