Looking at statistics provided by the state's Division of Criminal Justice Services, this county has the most violent crimes and property crimes. The stats provided by the state are for the county, but I've also included the major city in it. This is not meant to scare, just to make New Yorkers and visitors aware.

The overall crime rate of a county is calculated by dividing the total number of Index crimes submitted by police agencies in each county by the county’s population and multiplying the result by 100,000. The U.S. Census Bureau is the source of county population data. ~ New York Division of Criminal Justice Services

The Most Violent and Dangerous City in New York State is the Bronx

By Google Maps
By Google Maps

Bronx County, home of the Bronx, one of New York City's five boroughs, has the most violent crimes with a rate of 1,039.0 in 2021. Bronx County had a rate of 179.8 violent crimes committed with a firearm, which is actually the highest in the state. The rate of property crimes in Bronx County was 1,647.1.  The population of the Bronx was 1,426,273.

Bronx County was the last of the 62 counties of New York State to be incorporated. Although the Bronx is the third most densely populated county in the U.S., about a quarter of its area is open space, including Woodlawn Cemetery, Van Cortlandt Park, Pelham Bay Park, the New York Botanical Garden and the Bronx Zoo. ~ New York State

The Bronx also has a high number of people living in poverty. Bronx County. Bronx County, which is only 57 square miles, has 361,834 residents living in poverty. Bronx County has a poverty rate of 27.0% percent, while the poverty rate of all New Yorkers is 13.6%. The majority of the poor in Bronx County are youth and children - 36.8% are under 18 years old. Median Household Income is $41,895, as of U.S. Census 2020 estimates, which are the most recent.

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These 7 Prisons Are The Most Violent In New York State

New York released a report with the most recent number of violent assaults on inmates in state prisons. There were 134 inmate deaths noted in the report, although it doesn't break down the prisons where each death occurred or who caused them. Here's a look at some of the general violent incidents reported for 2020, which is the most recent data reported by the state. Compared to 10 years ago, inmate assaults have almost doubled. In 2011 there were 666 and in 2020 there were 1,205 reported. These numbers do not include inmate assaults on staff members. Overall, the number of unusual incidents includes things like assaults, deaths, accidents, sexual misconduct, and disruptive behavior.  According to the state,
"The number of unusual incidents has increased 132% from 5,980 in 2011 to 13,870 in 2020. These higher incident numbers were largely due to increases in assaults on incarcerated individuals (+81%), assaults on staff (+86%), contraband (+130%), disruptive behavior (+372%), and staff use of weapons (+1,035%)."
  In 2020, 1,836 weapons used to cut or stab, including ice picks, razor blades, can lids and shanks were discovered in state prisons around New York.

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