This could have been just a horrible accident...until you hear the details.

A 21-year-old woman in Phoenix is accused of leaving a baby in a car seat on the roof of her car. Catalina Clouser left her friend’s house with a 2 month old baby on the roof of her car, and she drove about 12 miles and arrived home before she realized that the child was not in the vehicle. After a car drove by the car seat, they called police and found the baby about two blocks away, and when police arrived to the girl's house, she admitted that she was under the influence of marijuana.

 I think that perhaps she got where she was going and realized that she did not have the baby in the car. There was damage to the car seat, it was scraped but there was no damage to the child", said Phoenix Police officer James Holmes.

Ready for this one?

Police had driven Clouser and the infant home about two hours before the incident after officers arrested Clouser’s boyfriend following a traffic stop.

Clouser’s sentencing date is set for March 26