How big have the Buffalo Bills become?  Even other NFL players' kids are huge fans of them!

Recently we've heard a lot of stories of kids who are huge Bills fans and refuse to waiver on that.  Hall of Fame quarterback Peyton Manning once admitted that he was a little upset when his own son preferred to wear Josh Allen's jersey over his own.  And it looks as though, that's not the only story like that.

Najee Harris was drafted out of Alabama by the Pittsburg Steelers in the first round of the 2021 NFL Draft.  He's a very good running back.  He even represented Pittsburgh in the 2021 Pro Bowl.  He had a similar story with is own son.  According to CBS Sports reporter Aditi Kinkhabwala, Harris is still trying to sway his son to pick up a terrible towel but he isn't having much luck.

How do you not cheer for your dad's team? I have to admit, this has to be heartbreaking for Harris.  Can you even imagine if your kid was a Patriots fan?  Or a Jets fan...or even worse...a Dolphins fan? awful.  The kid has good taste, but dang that's cold to do to your dad.

And he's not the only one who isn't a Steelers fan.  It looks like his daughter isn't on board either:

The tough week in their house is going to be the week of October 9th.  That's the week when the Steelers travel to Buffalo to take on the Bills at Highmark Stadium.  There will be a couple different story lines that week.  Of course, the Edmunds brothers will have a reunion on the field (Bills linebacker Tremaine Edmunds' brother plays for the Steelers).  Also, Mitch Trubisky who backed Josh Allen up last year will be back in Buffalo for the first time too.  We will see if he can win the starting job over the next couple weeks.  It looks like he's struggling a bit at this point to convince the coaches that the job should be his.

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