Spring is here; right? Seems that Mother Nature may have missed the cue for this season. However, there have been a couple of decent and downright warm days here in Western New York. But what is happening with the ice on the local lakes? NASA has some great pictures from their satellites that are helping to understand where we stand with ice coverage.

Love weather? There is a great opportunity that is waiting for you especially if you live in Niagara County.

According to a Tweet from the National Weather Service in Buffalo, there are several openings around New York State that are for a similar type of job.

Who doesn't love weather? Here in the Buffalo area, we talk mostly about two things; the weather and the Buffalo Bills. The weather is always on our minds because it changes so often. There are weather experts who choose to come to Western New York specifically because of the variety of weather we get. With the two great lakes, Erie and Ontario, the winds blowing across can change things in just hours.

Being a weather spotter is a cool and rewarding position. Not only are you helping the National Weather Service, you are also helping the community. If there is dangerous weather looming you can help get the word out and you will have a hand in recording the record setting types of weather that we can get here in Western New York.

Speaking of changes in weather, this week we are going from the 60's on Thursday to the possibility of measurable snow this weekend.

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