For New York State moms and dads, and those expecting a child soon, there may be some good news as a recent report indicates Babies R Us is getting a bunch of new locations.

Everything is expensive these days. If you have a family, you are paying way more for food, entertainment and the expenses that pop up on a regular basis, like gas. But when it comes to buying toys and clothes for the kids, where can you shop and grab what you need at a low price?

According to reports, Babies R Us will be opening in certain Kohl's stores across the United States.


While details are limited, this is an exciting partnership and would be great for young families here in the Empire State. There are currently 50 Kohl's locations here in New York State and with the plan to open as many as 200 Babies R Us, that bodes well for this region.

In a new release regarding the merger, it was noted that "the first Babies“R”Us shops will open in Kohl’s this August, with plans to roll out to approximately 200 stores in fall 2024. Customers will also be able to shop an expanded assortment of baby products on and take advantage of the Babies“R”Us at Kohl’s registry to easily build and share gift lists".

If you are expecting a baby soon, as a father of four, I suggest you put a rugged stroller (like a running stroller) on your registry list, along with a good changing table and a an extra car seat.

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