It’s going to get frosty in Buffalo! (And we’re not talking about the temperature.)

General Mills is springing right into the new season with two new flavors that will make you hungry. 

The two flavors for spring 2023 are Frosted Lemon Cheerios and Cheerios Oat Crunch Berry

While the two new flavors are exciting, it makes you wonder how it will change the way that Buffalo smells, as Buffalo, New York is known for smelling like Cheerios! 

Taking a closer look at these flavors, the new Frosted Lemon Cheerios will feature frosted oats cereal with the flavor of lemon.

The new Cheerios Oat Crunch Berry is a sweetened multigrain cereal with whole grain oats, with a blended flavor of your favorite berries, including: real raspberry, strawberry and blueberry fruit and other natural flavors. 

The flavors are already available nationwide, but have you noticed a change in Buffalo’s aroma?

Every year, we find ourselves on a list of the world’s smelliest cities, which sounds like a bad thing – but I think we all enjoy the smell of Cheerios in the morning…especially the morning after the Bills win! It hits different. 

However, there are a few other smells that immediately are recognizable to Western New Yorkers, and you can find those here. 

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