The Buffalo Bills have the best fans in the entire world and the best tailgaters of all time. I even hear that when I go to different cities.

You can see someone with a six-pack of beer as they walk along the street and drink as much as they can before they enter Ralph Wilson Stadium because they don’t want to spend money inside, or they want to get a massive buzz. Probably why their are so many fights and the not-so-family-friendly atmosphere that's inside the stadium.

But this Friday, when The Buffalo Bills take on Minnesota for the first preseason home game of 2013, there's going to be some new rules in place. Are these a good idea or more of a hassle?

Word for word, here you have it:

The first is a crackdown on binge drinking in all of the stadium lots. No kegs, funnels, or glass bottles are allowed.

There is also a new open container law the streets of Orchard Park surrounding the stadium. No open alcohol in cans, bottles, or cups is allowed.

There are also changes at the gates of the stadium itself. There is no longer any smoking or drinking in line, and probably the biggest new rule states that no large purses or bags are allowed in. Bags must be clear and small, about the size of a gallon ziploc bag.

What do you think?

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