People have been looking for years. What is the perfect hangover remedy?  I mean, if you had the answer to that you'd be a billionaire right?  Well three people think they may have done it.  And the answer is caffeinated peanut butter.

It's called Steem and it's taken about two years to take it from an idea to shelves.

Andrew Brach,  Keith Barnofski and Chris Pettazzoni are the masterminds behind the concoction. They were toying with the idea of a peanut butter, banana bread sandwich with bacon sprinkled on it when they came up with the idea to actually put caffeine in the peanut butter.

Brach says that two tablespoons of Steem is equal to two cups of coffee."It's a slower release of energy," he said. "That way you don't get the sugar crash."

Want to try it?  Steem is sold online for $4.99 and it's also sold in stores in parts of Massachusetts, Connecticut and New Hampshire.