In many parts of the nation, the snow can be unpredictable.  But this new app has been developed to help you clear your driveway no matter what the conditions...

How many times have you paid a contractor for a plowing season only to find that they've only really needed to be there a handful of times?  Or, if you're a contractor, how many times have you signed on to plow a driveway and had to be there way more often than you anticipated?

What if you could get a great plow job done and only order it when you needed it?  Plowers, what if you could get your normal contracts and only pick up extras as needed?

What if all of this could be done through your phone?

It's amazing what can be done with apps now.  This one is called SnoHub and it does just what we just talked about.

The description of the service says, "SnoHub is a snow clearing app for fast, reliable and transparent residential snow clearing service within hours!"

It's kind of like the Uber of snowplowing.  And yes, it's making a push in Buffalo.


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