The latest addition of COVID-19 is being monitored to see if it will be a factor here in New York State. As we get ready for most kids to head back to school for the new school year, there are new worries among health officials.

We have all been through this before and beyond the obvious health concerns are the restrictions that come with it. Will we see mask being required again? Will classes and workplaces go back to remote? The economy hasn't come back from the last pandemic related shutdowns. Will we see those again?

While most people seem to be beyond the pandemic, some are keeping a close eye on what is next.

New York State is announcing new steps to help keep residents protected from a new variant of COVID-19. Officials are reminding there's an updated COVID-19 vaccine tailored to guard against certain variants and it's expected to arrive in pharmacies and doctor's offices this fall.

For those who are in the high risk group, CBS News reports that there are some things to watch for with the new strain.

While some medical facilities are already requiring people to wear a mask, there may be more public places do the same. Will we see the same bans and restrictions we saw in 2020-2022? Hopefully we are past those days and more prepared to tackle a potential outbreak.

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