The summer heat and the month of August are here in New York State. While we enjoy our picnics and camping and summer fun, some of us are looking forward to the cool mornings and clear and crisp afternoons! Hunting season is not that far away and there are some important things for those who hunt need to remember. First and foremost, now is the time to buy your license or apply for doe permits!

The New York State DEC reminds all hunters to get their licenses early so you don't miss out! According to the website, new licenses will be available this week.

Hunting Licenses/Tags:
-You must wait 14 business days to receive licenses & tags in the mail before going hunting. The receipt of purchase / phone confirmation number is NOT valid proof to perform hunting activities. To receive licenses/tags instantly, visit a sporting license issuing agent location.
-The 2022-23 season licenses & deer management permits will go on sale the week of August 1, 2022.
-Hunting & Trapping licenses are valid from September 1 - August 31 annually.

The greatest thing we can do as hunters in keep conservation in mind. By being safe and following the rules, we can protect our natural resources and a way of life that we love here in New York State. Just this past week, it was announced that someone shot and killed what turned out to be an actual wolf! The hunter thought they had shot a coyote. After a DNA test, it was confirmed it was a wolf. This type of information will help hunters identify and protect animals which may be endangered and protected.

According to a story from News 8 in Connecticut:

“While it’s heartbreaking this wolf was killed, we’re grateful the hunter agreed to provide a tissue sample for DNA analysis. Now it’s time for state and federal leaders to step up and help these endangered and protected wolves return to the Northeast.”

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