The last week of February is here! As many across New York State and the entire country celebrate the start of Lent, there are weather alerts that remind us winter is not over yet. In fact, it may be back with a vengence.

From Colorado to Maine, there are plenty of winter weather alerts to be aware of and millions are prepping for snow, wind and, possibly worst of all, ice.

It may be a good thing that most schools in New York State are on the Winter Break as travel to and from work may be tricky over the next couple of days.

But how prepared is The Empire State for the next winter blast? Winter comes and goes every year but the storms we see lately seem to pack a bigger punch.

The blizzard that blasted Buffalo around Christmas still has politicians trying to figure out what went wrong and what they did right. New York State officials are also doing the same.

In Colorado, the Governor is keeping the state on alert as that state preps for what some are calling a "historic" storm. Considering Colorado is a mountain state, that says a lot.

In other states like Minnesota, they are prepping for the winter blast that is passing across the United States.

Be ready for the possibility of power outages and have a plan to stay warm and safe in the event that the storm makes things dangerous here in New York State.

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