Neighbors have started to notice the effects of a month-long movement in New York state, and frankly, a majority of residents are upset. 

While the movement started with good intentions, it’s been having severely negative effects on the New York population…enough to ask ourselves if this should be illegal or not. 

What Is “No Mow May?”

“No Mow May” is a movement that was started by environmental activists who want to protect the bees. As a result, home owners are asked to pause mowing during the month of May, allowing flowers to bloom in your lawn and help the bees thrive. 

While it sounds like a good idea in theory, it has been causing problems for people in New York state. 

The Cons Of Participating In “No Mow May”

“No Mow May” may be designed to attract the bees, but in fact it does something else. “No Mow May” causes favorable conditions for the following pests: rodents, mosquitoes, snakes, and ticks. 

Ticks are perhaps the biggest concern, but let’s be honest: do you actually want to dodge snakes trying to get into your house??

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Ticks Are On The Rise

A man in Buffalo, New York showed up to a local Quest Diagnostics to get a blood test following a tick bite, and the phlebotomist who worked with him, said that they get “at least 10 people per day testing tick bites” at that location. 

Think about how many other places are experiencing the same increase in tick bites, especially since New York is one of the worst states for ticks in the United States

Another reason why ticks have been worse this year in 2024 is because of the mild winter we had. A mild winter is favorable for the tick population, meaning that it will be “equal to last year or larger,” according to Associated Press.

Ticks can cause a handful of unpleasant diseases, such as Lyme Disease and Babesiosis. The best way to avoid ticks is to take steps to avoid them, and that includes mowing your lawn. 

Mow Your Lawn Or Get A Fine?

I understand that everyone wants to “save the bees” and do a good thing, but as a result, you could be hurting your neighbors. Be a good neighbor and mow your lawn. 

Different cities, towns, and villages across New York state have certain ordinances in place that can result in certain fines. In the City of Binghamton, the code requires all properties to maintain their grass and weeds at a height of less than eight inches. For the Town of Oneonta, officials passed a "tall grass policy" after complaints that were submitted throughout No Mow May. As a result, Oneonta residents cannot have their grass any longer than ten inches, and for Syracuse, Albany, and Buffalo, the rule also enforces no longer than ten inches. 

Maybe there should be a statewide law put into place so it’s the same no matter where you travel throughout New York. 

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