The residents of one town in Western New York have banded together after one man was spotted attempting to steal multiple vehicles.

Hopefully you lock your car doors overnight, and if you don’t, maybe you should start. 

Attempted Car Thefts Caught On Camera

Ring cam footage picked up a guy running into the driveway and front yard of a resident in Depew, NY before he tried the door handle on their car. Thankfully, the doors were locked, which deterred him away from the home. Since the man left shortly after checking to see if the door handle was unlocked, the residents who live in the Depew home suspect that he was actually trying to steal their vehicle rather than the belongings inside of it. 

The motion detection camera started recording at approximately 2:38 AM, and you can see the clip shared below. 

The woman who shared the clip on Facebook in the Lancaster/Depew Neighbors Helping Neighbors explained what she saw in her driveway. 

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Depew Woman Describes Scary Moment In Her Driveway

“This guy came on my property and checked my car and ran,” she wrote on Facebook. “It was locked but if anyone wasn’t so lucky on Argus Dr, you can have my video.”

The guy didn’t stick around long after he realized the car doors were locked, which makes it seem he was attempting to steal the vehicle rather than steal the belongings inside of it.

Other Attempted Theft Reports

Another resident who lives on a street close to Argus Dr. told us that his car doors were wide open when he walked outside to get in his car and drive to work. At first, he thought that maybe he forgot to close the doors, but now he wonders if the same guy was at his house. 

“Of course, our ring cam wasn’t charged,” he said. “I got to charge them up.”

Another report from around the same time in the same area revealed there was an attempted home break-in, too. Katie Winegar told us on Facebook that it was her son’s girlfriend who experienced the scary moment.

This isn’t too far from my son’s GFs house and someone was caught on camera attempting to break into her apartment at 3 AM,” Winegar said. “Wonder if it’s the same guy.”

How To Combat Thefts In Western New York

If you have a ring cam, make sure that it has enough juice to last through the night to help combat a situation like this. Also, remember to lock those car doors. It may feel safe to leave it in your driveway or your garage, but as you can see in the video above, people are getting bold. And they will help themselves to your belongings. 

Here is a close up picture of the guy.

We also zoomed in on the car he fled the scene in. 

Have you seen him?

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