In New York State, they have started putting a feature in a car that would LIMIT how fast you can go. It would literally stop the car from going faster to avoid going over the speed limit. How would this even happen?

  • The new feature is a GPS that pinpoints where you are.
  • It knows the speed limit, so the feature will literally not let you go over the speed limit.

I am sure you are wondering what would happen if you NEED to go faster whether it be an emergency or to practice a safe driving tactic. We were wondering the same. This is the craziest part.

There is a button that you will be able to press in the car to bypass the limit and go faster. But, it will only allow you to do so for 15 seconds. It literally reminded me of hitting a star in Mario Kart.

Now, it is not mandatory in New York State, but The National Transportation Safety Board is trying to get car makers to add the feature according to CNN. New York State is currently testing the feature and has put the device in 50 government cars. 

I definitely don't think this is a great idea and could even cause some serious safety issues, ironically because that is what they are trying to stop. But, it is interesting why they make cars go as FAST as they could potentially go. For example, I can't imagine a scenario where I would need my Chevy Equinox to go its maximum speed of 140 miles per hour.

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