The forecast is calling for colder air to move in to the New York State area. Although there is not a large snowfall in the forecast, yet, there is good news for those who love to ski. Many of the resorts in New York State are planing their opening dates. Plus, the frosty and frigid air means that some may even start to make snow.

Here in New York State we are blessed to have some incredible places for the family to ski. There are some kids who start skiing when they are just starting ti walk! No doubt, there is a ski resort within a short drive from your house in the Empire State.

But as we watch the forecast and as the Holidays roll in, skiers have a great resource to help keep an eye on the hills and ski resorts. I found this great website that not only has the ski and snow report, it has an incredible amount of live cameras to help see the progress on the slopes.

On The Snow is a perfect way to get your skiing fix when you can't wait to ski or snowboard.

As for the opening day here in the Western New York area, typically, the resorts aim to be open in time for the Holidays. Skiing with family is so fun and the most popular resorts are praying for snow for around Thanksgiving. Holiday Valley posted an update on Facebook.

In the Adirondacks, ski resorts are also intending to open near Thanksgiving.

The bad news is that the forecast is calling for less than ideal conditions as we get to the middle of the month. However, here in New York State, we know that can change quickly.

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