The NFTA has issued a travel advisory beginning Thursday night. So how do you know if your bus will be on time, or will arrive at all?

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Western New York’s impending winter storm is causing many headaches for Buffalo-area commuters and travelers.  Several highway closures are expected to take effect beginning at 7 pm on Thursday, and authorities are advising that whenever possible, please stay off of the roads and stay home.

If you use public transportation to travel, you’ll have even more of a hassle to get where you need to go. The NFTA has issued a weather advisory in anticipation of the winter weather coming our way, warning its users to expect delays starting Thursday evening and to use their services for necessary travel only.

If you are an essential worker who has to go to work no matter the weather, here’s how to know if your public bus will be on time.

The quickest way to determine if your bus route is affected by travel delays is to go to the NFTA’s Plan Your Trip website and click on “where’s my bus.” There, you can search by bus number or bus stop to see where your bus is on its live tracker.

Google Maps also has a feature that can help you see where your bus is in real-time. By clicking on “transit” in Google Maps, you can see where your bus is, stop by stop. 

As always, do your very best to stay off of the roads in any capacity and only use public transportation if it is absolutely crucial to get somewhere. However, if using the NFTA’s services during the storm is necessary, expect frequent delays and cancellations.

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