As I was watching the Bills game on Sunday, I saw a commercial that no way would ever happen in real life!

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The ad was for GMC and basically is about early Christmas shopping. The wife tells the hubby she got him an early surprise and he tells her that he did too.

While her gift is a fitness watch, his gift would never, ever, happen in real life.

The commercial cuts to the couple outside where the husband, which the knowledge of his wife, went out and bought TWO NEW VEHICLES!

Yes...this dude went out and bought not one, but two brand new vehicles.

Even if the guy went out and leased the vehicles, you are easily looking at over $7000 down and then several hundred dollars every month for a couple of years.

No way do I believe that this would happen in real life. Even if you made a million dollars a year, are you really going out and spending thousands of dollars without talking with your spouse?

At my house, my wife and I talk about spending $15 on lunch or dinner. I would need a couch to sleep on if I went out and bought a car without her knowledge. She wouldn't even let me sleep in the car!

So while I get the idea of surprising your spouse with a cool Christmas gift, are you really going to spend thousands of dollars without their knowledge...I say no way!!

You can watch the commercial down below.


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