It’s Teacher Appreciation Week, and one teacher in Western New York has received some national recognition. 

You’ve probably heard the saying “knowledge is power,” and without the teachers in our lives, we wouldn’t even know where to begin. Teachers are truly unsung heroes, counted on for advice, life lessons, book smarts, protecting us (in our youth and some even in adulthood), and more. 

It’s the least we can do to acknowledge everything our teachers have done for us. 

One teacher, Mrs. Pierce, received recognition on the national level when one of her former students, famous actor Noah Centineo (known for To All The Boys I Loved Before and Black Adam), recognized her after winning an award.

“Before I was a teacher here in Western New York, I taught for 28 years in Florida in Miami,” Mrs. Pierce said. 

“I taught Zoe Kravitz how to read in first grade, and I also had a personal shoutout from Noah Centineo…thanking me for an award he won a few years ago,” she said.

Mrs. Pierce may have taught Centineo back in the third grade, but she left a long-lasting impact on his life. 

The Perfect Date star even posted on Twitter about how amazing Mrs. Pierce is! 

“My third grade teacher Ms. Pierce at Morikami Park Elementary School is from Buffalo. 

Ms. Pierce, I made it!”

She’s following your journey, Noah! And she’s so proud. 

Teachers are so amazing because not only do they teach us when we’re young – they also follow our journeys into adulthood, whether through Facebook or news articles, etc. 

Thank you, teachers, for everything you do: in the classroom and beyond.

Western New York Teacher Hall Of Fame

There are so many teachers who have done so much for our community that it goes way beyond the classroom, so the creation of the Western New York Teacher Hall of Fame is long overdue.

Please help us congratulate the following teachers for being officially inducted into the Western New York Teacher Hall Of Fame.

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