Earlier this week, ironically on National Dog Day, a bill passed in the senate that would stop the sale of puppies, cats and rabbits INSIDE of pet stores. There has been a lot of vocal animal groups in New York State that have stood up to try and curb the sale of pets because they claim they support 'profit over puppies', and buying directly from breeders would curb the idea of buying from a rescue. Now, it passed the senate, but still needs to jump through some hoops before it is official.

By a vote of 48-12, the State Senate has just passed S. 4234-A, the New York Puppy Mill Pipeline Bill. This bill, introduced and championed by New York State Senator Michael Gianaris, would prohibit the sale of dogs, cats and rabbits in pet stores across the state, striking a major blow to the cruel and deceptive puppy mill industry", according to ascpa.com.

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Here are some quick points about the bill trying to be passed:

  • Maryland and California are the only two other states to officially make this a law.
  • Estimated there are about 2,000 dogs that are for sale in pet stores across New York State.
  • The law would not mean it bans YOU from buying from a breeder. You would still be able to.

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