Scary situation this morning along the 190 north in Buffalo.

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According to WIVB, a New York State trooper was seriously injured along the 190 north in Buffalo, near the 198 entrance ramp, after being involved in a multi-vehicle accident.

According to state police, the trooper was along the side of the road investigating a separate crash when struck by a passing car, along with the vehicle.

The crash happened around 5:30 am.

The trooper was taken to a nearby hospital for injuries sustained. There has been no update on his condition and we will update this post when more information is known.

This is a pretty dangerous part of the 190, where this accident took place. There isn't much room when someone gets pulled over or a crash investigation is taking place. I used to take the 190 north by the 198 and Peace Bridge when I went to Buffalo State College, and have seen multiple accidents in that area before.

Our thoughts are with the trooper who was injured.

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