We've seen glimpses of the upcoming fall season, but this week is giving us our first real taste of fall.

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According to WIVB, this weekend should see considerably cooler weather than what we've been used to the last few months.

The high on Friday will only be 64 with a low of 46 in Buffalo!

Saturday and Sunday will barely break into the low-60's for a high, and much of Saturday should stay in the 50's.

If you don't like the cooler weather, the good news is it'll be sunny. Other than a chance of rain late on Thursday, most of Western New York should stay sunny through Sunday.

I love summertime but there's nothing like the start of fall. In fact, late September through Christmas is probably my favorite stretch of the calendar.

January and February is another thing altogether. I wouldn't mind if we skipped from New Year's Day to April 1st...

Read the full forecast at WIVB.

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