Hopefully, you had an amazing Mother's Day yesterday and if you got a gift from your child that made you go...."ummmmmmm...Thanks Honey, I love it" just know it is ok to return a Mother's day gift.

Moms are amazing people and they do so much for their families that they are ok with accepting a bad gift from their children and faking that they love it.

Now if your 4-year-old handpainted you a picture, you can't return that but if your teenage or adult kids got you something that just isn't you, it is ok to return it.

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I know firsthand that it is ok to return it because it happened in my house. My son Avry who is 16 years old went and got his mom some coconut cluster candies but instead of buying milk chocolate, he got dark chocolate and my wife isn't a fan of dark chocolate.

Of course, when my wife open the gift in front of Avry she told him that she was happy and the chocolates were perfect, but I knew she wasn't going to eat them.

I told her to go and return and get the milk chocolate ones that she wanted but because she is an awesome mom, she said she couldn't because she thought returning the gift would hurt our son's feelings.

So to all the moms out there, just know your kids are stronger than you think and they can handle the fact that they didn't hit a home run with their mother's day gift.

It is ok to return that Mother's Day gift and get something that you really want. I know my wife would feel a million times happier with milk chocolate coconut clusters over dark chocolate ones.


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