You may have seen this above the 90 if you were driving out to Highmark Stadium on Friday.

The Buffalo Bills took a break from training at St. John Fisher in Rochester to play an intersquad scrimmage on their home turf on Friday, August 5. Tickets were available for free, but they went fast, and the stadium ended up selling out the scrimmage. 

The traffic was brutal, as to be expected, but it was probably the most Josh Allen jerseys I have ever seen at the stadium.

And it made for a fun, exciting start to the weekend! It’s hard to believe football season is already here. 

On the way to the scrimmage, though, many people noticed something in the sky, and I think it gave everyone that “feel-good vibe” that yes, this year is about to be our year.

A double rainbow. 

Becca Sikora was the first one to send us a picture of it on the WYRK app

Photo Credit: Becca Sikora
Photo Credit: Becca Sikora

Not only was it awesome to see on the drive into Highmark Stadium on Friday, but it has a biblical tie as well.

And I’m not trying to get all preachy with you…just sharing one of the tidbits I remember from church classes growing up.

According to the books of Revelation and Genesis, the rainbow is a sign of hope, while a double rainbow is the sign of a miracle. 

It would be amazing if the Bills could bring home a Super Bowl win, and I think it’s safe to say we have hope! This year is our year, and more than Bills Mafia saying that.

Not to get all preachy and religious, but there are actually some biblical ties to the “double rainbow” phenomenon as well. You may remember hearing the story of the Great Flood, where it rained for 40 days and 40 nights. It wiped out most of the world, with only those sheltered in Noah’s Ark surviving the flood, which included family members and a pair of each animal species.

After those 40 days and the rain finally stopped, Noah, his family, and the animals walked out of the ark, only to be greeted by…a rainbow!  It was a sign that things were looking up from there.

Although we have had a drought of Super Bowl wins, I think this double rainbow, at the first official scrimmage, is a sign that yeah – this year is our year. 

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