From the “I’ll believe it when I see it” file – I saw an item on the WGRZ-TV 2 website that says progress is being made on synchronizing Buffalo’s traffic signals.  As I was reading I kept wondering when I’m going to get to the punchline.  Anybody that’s ever tried to get around the city down the major streets knows it’s not unusual to have to stop at every light. 

I’ve always said traffic lights don’t control traffic in Buffalo – they’re meant to stop it.  You can drive down Main, Delaware, Elmwood, Niagara – name a street. 

You’ll be traveling along with other vehicles and all of a sudden you have to stop at a light for a side street and there’s nobody there…no cars, no pedestrians.  Nobody there when you were first forced to stop and nobody there the entire time you were stopped.   

For example, Main Street in North Buffalo near Bennett High School.  I think the signals favor the side streets because I’m always stopping at East Morris – always.  I know the intersection well.  A couple of nice single family homes on the west side of Main and on the other side of the street a couple of storefronts and an apartment building.  They have a couple of vacancies in that apartment building by the way.

Anyway the city says they actually hired a guy specifically to do the job and they’re making progress on synchronizing the lights…..I can hardly say it with a straight face.