Most people may not have the time to pay attention to when laws are voted on or, in some cases, who votes on them. However, there are some who try to stay in the loop and even they may miss a proceeding or vote due in part to when lawmakers actually vote on them. That may change in New York State.


There are some ideas/proposed laws that never see the light of day. Lawmakers often use campaigns to "promise" legislation will get passed for whatever cause or platform they run on. In New York State:

...a bill needs at least half the members to vote "yes" for it to pass. There are times, however, when a bill needs more than half the members to vote "yes" for it to pass. Your bill must pass both the Assembly and the Senate before the Governor can consider it.


Let's say you really want a law passed fast, what are the limits? In New York State, the Governor has 10 days to act upon a proposed bill/law in order for it to be put in to place.


There have been times in the past when a bill has been voted on overnight and passed to the governor without you even knowing until after the vote. This is the issue that some lawmakers in New York want to change.

State Senator Jim Tedisco is one of the sponsors of a piece of legislation called the New York State Budget Transparency Act. The measure is a constitutional amendment that'd stop the clock on all legislative proceedings between midnight and eight a-m, and would also limit messages of necessity except if there is an imminent emergency.

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