Bad, badder, baddest.  Can the Buffalo Sabres play any worse than the debacle they displayed Friday night against the Pittsburgh Penguins?  The Penguins scored on a penalty shot three and a half minutes into the game, then Rasmus Ristolainen, supposedly the Sabres best defenseman gave away the puck in front of the net to Sidney Crosby who quickly put it into the Buffalo net.  It was 2-0 only six and a half minutes gone in the first period and the game was essentially over in an eventual 4-0 Penguins win.

It's the third straight game the Sabres have failed to score a single goal.  Three straight shutouts and that's the first time in franchise history that's ever happened to a Sabres team.  An NHL team can't score a goal in three straight games?  That's pathetic.

This just might be the worst team the Buffalo franchise has ever put on the ice.  Even worse than those so-called tank years because this team has talent, but refuses to work.  And you can't keep blaming coaching.  Many of these players were successful in getting Dan Bylsma fired.  It can't be yet another coach is failing to find a winning solution.  It's the players that are to blame.

The Sabres have this incredible tendency to make even the most average goaltender look like an all-star.  They did it playing against Penguins goaltender Tristan Jarry.  Who?  He's Pittsburgh's third-string goaltender.  He stopped all 34 shots he faced and made it look easy.

So after a 4-0 defeat what is the Sabres reward?  They get to play the Penguins again Saturday night in Pittsburgh.

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