This is probably the most disturbing thing you'll read all week. Sorry in advance.

Amanda Catherine Hein is a 26-year-old Pennsylvania woman who found out she was pregnant several months ago, but didn't tell anyone. So it wasn't out of place when she went to a pub called Starters' in Lower Saucon Township, PA., to watch WWE's SummerSlam on Aug. 18.

According to New York's Daily News, Hein got up from her group's table in pain. Witnesses saw a blood-like substance at the time. Hein was gone for quite a while and wasn't answering texts or calls, but she later returned to the table with blood stains on her and told her friends to ignore them. She then proceeded to sit back down and watch the wrestling matches for another hour before leaving.

What everyone later learned was that she had gone to the bathroom, where she had given birth. Police say she then took the baby, wrapped it in plastic and then placed it in the rear tank of the toilet. It wasn't discovered until staff cleaned the toilets the next day. The baby was several weeks premature. Police tracked Hein down after finding blood in the booth, which had been rented out to one of her friends.

Adding to the tragedy is the fact Pennsylvania has a safe haven law that allows a mother to bring her unwanted baby to an emergency room and leave it, no questions asked, without criminal prosecution. There's no reason the child had to die.

She could face the death penalty. Check out more from a local Pennsylvania newscast:

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