Green lights will now be seen on plow trucks OWNED BY MUNICIPALITIES in the Buffalo area.

The snow is already flying in portions of New York State. Here in Western New York, we are seeing some lake effect and enhanced snow pile up. The forecast does call for a warming trend but this week has been a good trial run for plow contractors in the area.

If you haven't done it yet, you may want to call a contractor and get ready for the season. Like everything else these days, the prices will be going up. The cost of diesel and gas are going to soar and that will trickle down to the price you pay for the driveway to be cleared of snow.

Recently, green lights were approved for use on plow trucks that are OWNED BY MUNICIPALITIES and governments in New York State.

Authorizes state and municipally-owned vehicles to affix green or alter-nating green and amber lights to motor vehicles engaged in snow and ice removal for the purpose of increasing visibility during winter weather events.

As of now, there IS NOT ANY WORD about this applying to pickup truck/privately owned plow trucks. New York has a certain set of rules that apply to what lights represent and what vehicles they pertain to.

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