There has been a name change to a pair of popular churches in the Southtowns. What was formerly known as Watermark Wesleyan Church is now known as Revive Wesleyan Church.

Popular Church In EA/Hamburg Gets Renamed

If you travel along McKinley Parkway in the town of Hamburg or Main Street in the village of East Aurora, you will notice a name change on two of the churches.

What was recently known as Watermark Wesleyan Church has now been changed to Revive Wesleyan Church. The change comes after a couple weeks of the organization teasing with the question "what’s in a name" on signs out front of the buildings.

What is also of note is the face-lift that the Revive Wesleyan Church on Main Street in East Aurora has undergone. We travel that way a lot and noticed that they have done plenty of work on the exterior of the building. East Aurora certainly has become a very popular place to move to these days. I grew up in East Aurora and now live in Hamburg and noticed the similarities in both villages. Both villages are great for families and have a great variety of locally owned stores and restaurants to check out.

The next time you take a drive to the Erie County Fair, or through East Aurora, you will notice a sign out front of these churches that welcomes you with a brand new name. Those who have kids attending the preschool in Hamburg were sent an email indicating that the preschool will remain Watermark Preschool.

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