It’s almost time for one of the most anticipated games so far: the Buffalo Bills are taking on the Pittsburgh Steelers for our first NFL Playoff game in 2024. 

Every year, we like to think it’s our year, but this one looks promising. Over the last several weeks, Buffalo has been 5-1 in game play. At one point, the Buffalo Bills had a 6-6 record, and they managed to turn it around and win the AFC East, which gave them the #2 seed in the Playoffs. 

It’s pretty remarkable, but Buffalo is known for being the underdog team that doesn’t give up.

Some updated stats show that Buffalo has a high likelihood of winning the Super Bowl this year too. Fox Sports placed the Bills as 3rd most likely to win the Big Game this year, which is a percentage of 13.3%.

Although the odds appear to be in our favor this time around, it doesn’t hurt to say a little prayer, right?

Jason Smiraglia from Lockport sent us a message on the WYRK app, sharing the perfect prayer to repeat a few times in your head before the Monday night game. 

Say it with me:

Our father, 

Who art in Orchard Park

Josh Allen be thy name,

Thy championship will come,

But four games need be won

At home as well as away.

Forgive us of turnovers, 

As we forgive those who doubted us along the way.

Lead us not into defeat, but deliver us Buffalo wings with bleu cheese. 

For Bills stadium is our kingdom and we are thankful for McBeane.

Please give us just one, before it is our time to leave.

Allen...I mean Amen

If anyone can do it, Buffalo can! Let’s Go, Buffalo!

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