As you know, when we first came in contact with COVID-19 back in March, our country was experiencing a shortage in PPE.  Now, a PPE company plans to expand into Amherst.

PPE is also known as Personal Protective Equipment.  It can include everything from masks to gloves and face shields.  When we were first confronted with coronavirus, people on the front lines were in desperate need of PPE.  Companies like Ford started to use their factories to produce ventilators instead of carburetors, and others began to find new ways of making masks available to the general public.

We aren't out of this yet either.  So companies that produce PPE are still a huge need which is why it's exciting to see that at least one company wants to expand to Western New York and is proposing to invest $4.5 million into a facility here in Amherst.

They're called Premium PPE And they've committed to acquiring a 43,700 square foot building and adding 25 jobs to manufacture PPE right here in Western New York.

The expansion follows an agreement where they will receive low-cost power as part of what Governor Cuomo calls the ReCharge New York program.  The program's goal is to provide power to 713 businesses and not-for-profit organizations, boosting the state's economy by retaining and creating jobs, and sparking capital investment statewide.

At this point, there is no concrete date for when the expansion project will begin, but they are hoping to begin as soon as possible, especially considering where we are with the current COVID-19 pandemic.


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